Show your likable
& trustworthy
brand through authentic brand photos

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How much time do you use taking selfies or searching stock images (that everyone else is also using) to show your brand?

Does 30 min a day, 182.5 hours a year or 45 hours a quarter sound about right?
Up to one day with me can save you a FULL WORK WEEK!
Four days a year with me and you will gain back an ENTIRE MONTH!

With a treasure chest full of real and personalized images ready to post,
can you imagine what you can do with all that extra time?

-How many more clients can you work with?

-What other business chores can you get done?

-Or how much more time can you give to your family?

High-end, ambitious entrepreneurs are using me for their
Personal Brand Photography and saving valuable TIME!

Increase conversions and sales by showing your brand through those real and personalized images!


$2,300 FOR ONE
includes commercial and print licenses

A pro can help you with more than just lighting and lenses that exceed the quality of your standard iPhone. An experienced pro can help you with composition and visual storytelling.
— Buddy Scalera

Hi! I’m Amber! I live in Burnsville, MN with my husband, two littles and our St. Bernard.
I specialize in personal brand photography, capturing your day to day life behind the scenes of your brand. I help you show your trustworthy stories used to grow your brand through marketing and a variety of social media platforms.

Personal brand photography gifts you back your precious time
by providing more than enough images to cover at least one story each day!

Remove the stress out of remembering to take, edit and post images on
social media when you’re out with your family!

Be present and enjoy the treasured time you get with the loves of your life!

Look and feel natural and genuine, likable and trustworthy!

My goal is to focus on YOU and YOUR BRAND!

Contact me NOW!
Let’s schedule a consultation, discuss your needs and your brand
and see if we mesh so you can be one of only 12 recurring clients I work with!  

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Photography that tells YOUR story!

Amber was very easy to work with. She responds in a reasonable time to questions, is clear in those responses. My photo shoot was very enjoyable and Amber made it a lot of fun! She is easy to be around and makes one feel very comfortable!
— Susan V.