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Empower to connect through
likable &
trustworthy photos

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Convert your audience to sales by helping them see the YOU behind
your brand!

What stories can you tell with
selfies and stock images?
You speaking at an event?
How about running with your kids?
Or putting your next
order together?
Do you have someone to show you at last week’s gala or fundraiser?
If you can or do…
how do those photos look?
Blurry? Poorly lit?
Too much editing needed?
We capture these stories together,
help you connect with
your audience
and get you higher sales!

How much time do you use taking selfies or searching
stock images
(that everyone else
is also using)
to show your brand?

Does 30 min a day, 182.5 hours a year or 45 hours a quarter
sound about right?
As little as three hours with me
can save you
Twelve hours a year
and you gain back

With a continuously
filling treasure chest
of real and personalized images

ready to automatically post at prescheduled times,
can you imagine what you can do with all that extra time?

-How many more clients can you work with?

-What other business chores can you get done?

-Or how much more time can you give to your family?

High-end, ambitious
entrepreneurs use me for their
Personal Brand Photography
and save valuable TIME!

Your business is too important to
show cookie cutter images!
You need a personalized
plan that results in
custom images that show you
and your brand.
A plan that also makes your photo session run
smoothly, efficiently
and saves you even more time!

Increase conversions and sales by showing your brand
through your
real and personalized images!


Included in
your story session

*one day shadow (optional -
but I may see something you
hadn’t thought of)
*intensive personal
planning session
*wardrobe guidance
*up to $200 beauty credit
*up to seven stories
(outfit, activity or location)
*high-res lifestyle photos,
ready for your social
media platforms
*print, editing
and commercial use licenses
*same day reveal
*two to four day
edited image turn around


Most Loved
Story Session Packages


Volume Pkg: $2500 due at booking,
then $1050/mo for 11 months (save when paid in full)

*unlimited images (all culled and basic edited photos)
*you decide how often you want your sessions (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly
or bi-annual)
*two filler events per month with 10+ images per event
*priority scheduling
*unlimited editing help for two weeks after each session
*help with automating social media posts


Novel Pkg: $2500 due at booking,
then $650/mo for 11 months (save when paid in full)

*90 images per session (four sessions)
*quarterly/seasonal sessions
*unlimited editing help for one week after each session
*help with automating social media posts


Page Pkg: $2500 due at booking

*90+ images (3 month’s worth)
*one session
*unlimited editing for one week after session

Ask me about trial sessions,
snap-shot sessions,
head-shots, video and product
photography to complete
your package!
Not within 2 hours of
South Saint Paul, MN?
Have camera, will travel!

Not ready to
choose a package yet?
Contact me!
Let’s chat about
your needs!

Schedule an intensive planning
session (up to 2hrs)
and receive
your no obligation,
personalized plan

with shot list and
social media post strategy
for only $1447!
When you decide to use Your Story to photograph
you behind your brand,
this will be
credited to your session payment.
Or take the plan to another
photographer of your choice!

Schedule your intensive planning session during our first conversation,
and get your personalized
plan for only $547
while receiving the $1447 credit when you book your first session!!
To redeem, mention code: July Special

A pro can help you with more than just lighting and lenses that exceed the quality of your standard iPhone. An experienced pro can help you with composition and visual storytelling.
— Buddy Scalera
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Amber was very easy
to work with. She responds
in a reasonable time to
questions and is clear in those responses. My photo shoot was
very enjoyable!
Amber made it a lot of fun!
She is easy to be around and makes everyone feel very comfortable!
— Susan V.